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I am using Open Rasta 2.0 under IIS 6. I would like to redirect the root of the site to a web page.

The documentation says:

Note that this will disable IIS default page mapping. The work-around is to either expose your default pages using OpenRasta itself....

I cannot work out how to achieve this. I have tried various routes in the configuration but they don't seem to work with IIS. I am also using Cassini server on my DEV pc, it has no issues when no routes are added but under some routes I tried broke it.

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Do you mean you want to show a webpage using OpenRasta on the root of the site? In this case you can do something like this when you have wildcard mappings setup.

using (OpenRastaConfiguration.Manual)

Also when you say routes are you talking about OpenRasta resource configuration or IIS handler mappings?

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I am using OpenRasta resource configuration and all sub pages are rendering .aspx fine, it is just the root. I have re-added the route you have shown however it does not work and then stops all aspx pages from showing. I will check the wildcard mapping to see if that was the issue. –  John Jan 19 '12 at 8:15
It was the wildcard mapping that was not configured correctly - thanks –  John Jan 19 '12 at 8:59

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