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I have my personal website that I am developing so I can showcase my code, photography and digital art and also blogs to the public.

Currently my site structure is :




However I would like to make my site domain structure like what I have seen on some sites:




What is this technique called?

How is it achieved? htaccess mod?

Any links or resources please could you send me them.


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possible duplicate of Create sub domain using only htaccess? –  David Lively Jan 18 '12 at 22:53
@DavidLively , thats not me. As I do not really know much about domains my question was to establish how, what and where to do this. –  loosebruce Jan 19 '12 at 11:58

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www.mysite.co.uk/sub-domain istn't called "Sub Domain". Its only a sub folder.

This "blog.mysite.co.uk" are subdomains. You must configure them in your Apache Server configuration: http://edwardawebb.com/apache/create-subdomains-apache-easy

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You can't add subdomains using htaccess. I suggest you to contact your hosting provider. Usually they give you an ability to add subdomains using their control panel.

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