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I'm putting an DOMpdf creator in my Codeigniter application, but now i need to get an require_once to the parent folder. Somehow Codeigniter doesn't allow me to do this the "normal" way.

This is my require_once


How can I make this work in Codeigniter?

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Try something like:

//APPPATH gives you path till application/ folder

Hope it helps

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This worked, thanks! –  Augus Jan 18 '12 at 11:37
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To load a config file in CodeIgniter, you can call the $this->config->load() method.

To load one of your custom config files you will use the following function within the controller that needs it:


Where filename is the name of your config file, without the .php file extension.

If you need to load multiple config files normally they will be merged into one master config array. Name collisions can occur, however, if you have identically named array indexes in different config files. To avoid collisions you can set the second parameter to TRUE and each config file will be stored in an array index corresponding to the name of the config file. Example:

// Stored in an array with this prototype: $this->config['blog_settings'] = $config
    $this->config->load('blog_settings', TRUE);

Please see the section entitled Fetching Config Items below to learn how to retrieve config items set this way.

The third parameter allows you to suppress errors in the event that a config file does not exist:

$this->config->load('blog_settings', FALSE, TRUE);


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