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I know there are various tools for creating android apps using python eg python-for-android, android-scripting-evrironment, SL4A etc.

What I need to know is which of these would be helpful if I need my application to use the Bluetooth module of the device.

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Did you try "import bluetooth"? – OguzOzkeroglu Jan 18 '12 at 14:34
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There is a BluetoothFacade that has been implemented for the upcoming release 5 of SL4A.

The API reference is located at

I don't believe that access to Bluetooth services is (at present) available via Kivy or any Kivy-derived project.

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It looks kivy start to provide Bluetooth related function now:

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You can also use the PyBluez library. You need it compiled for ARM cores to use it on Android, but this has already been done and is available from the PY4A website's Modules page. You just download it to your device, then install it using your PY4A app's Install Module feature.

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