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I want to reproduce Photoshop's Replace Color feature in AS3.

Here is what i want to achieve on 8-bit images:

I want the user to be able to :

1 - select a color using an 'eyedropper'
2 - select a threshold ( example : )
3 - select a replacement color

  • it is important that the color replacement blends well and does not have banding/dithering.

any code and examples would be greatly appreciated.

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This should get you started. It's a little tough to get into, but once you get the hand of things it becomes a real time-saver.

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looks good. thank you-- Does anyone have a working example of Threshold Color Replace using PixelBender? – Arturino Jan 18 '12 at 14:04
The PixelBender comes with a bunch of examples, among others being color replacer with 3 sliders for RGB. I think there's an example for specific color replace too. The coding language is kind of weird but fairly simple to understand. – Igor K. Jan 19 '12 at 7:19

There is a demo and source code for a selective color transform on my site which I think is doing exactly what you are looking for - the only issue is that since the post is from 2006 it's still in AS2, but the core part is pretty much the same in AS3:

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