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I have a custom sharepoint 2010 webpart this webpart is using custom dll refference and this dll refference is properly configured in GAC and also properly add the assembly reffrence in SharePoint 2010 web.config and also rigister the assembly in WebPart custom control page. This WebPart is working fine in development and production environment.

Then problem comes in production environmentb only when i am going to access that WebPart through Fully Qualified Name URL(Name) like sp.anb.com.sa below is the assembly refference error, "Could not load file or assembly 'CustomControls_AIMS' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." (I know this is the assembly reffrence error come only when it is not configured properly)

Same thing when i am going to access this WebPart by Fully Qualified URL IP : in production environment then its working fine or when i am going to access this webpart by Web server Name like anb-srv-sharwb2 then also its working fine.

This problem only come when i m accessing WebPart by FQDN.

I cann't understand why its through assembly reffrence error by using FQDN.

Please help on this issue. One thing more SharePoint 2010 is configured for intranet use only and configuration of alternat access mapping of my farm is as under.

Internal URL Zone Public URL for Zone anb-srv-sharwb1 Default anb-srv-sharwb2 anb-srv-sharwb2 Default anb-srv-sharwb2 sp.anb.com.sa Intranet sp.anb.com.sa

If any one have any idea please help on this.

Regards, Iftikhar Hashmi

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perhaps you should try your luck with this one on sharepoint.stackexchange.com. –  ub1k Jan 25 '12 at 9:22

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