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Profiling a page with the built-in timeline recorder in Chrome, I see repeated "Recalculate Style" entries. They have no obvious information to link them to DOM element or event.

How can I best determine the cause of these entries?

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My advice to you would be to use the Chrome Canary build of Chrome. Paul Irish has a good demo of using the Timeline in Chrome Dev Tools here

You can simply click on the event, for instance 'Recalculate Style', and you should get a miniature stack trace pointing to where the event occurred in your code.

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That was a pretty helpful demo, but there are also "Recalculate Style" entries that don't show a stack trace and don't seem to be attached to any code. When there are a lot of elements I get that entry whenever I click, but haven't been able to trace why it needs to recalculate. –  redbmk Jun 6 '12 at 16:44

I just had the same problem (that's why I found your question).

My problem was cause by a CSS3 transition all property. I had been lazy, when all I needed was transition padding.

Implementing that single change made the loop

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How did you found out, what was causing it –  Rahul Prasad Nov 8 at 5:45
It's more then two years ago, so excuse me if my memory is a bit vague. ;) But I think I just did a trial and error. Removed all the transitions and then added each one until I saw the problem. When I found just the class causing issues I limited the transition to the one single property I actually needed. More luck then anything else really... –  jBoive Nov 8 at 8:49

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