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I'm working on an MVC webapp and am done with the registration module that uses the SQL Membership tables.

Now, I have written code that, when a user gets created and is approved, the application sends an email to the user with an activation link in email.

Now I want to create an admin page where admin can approve those registered users

How can I do this?


public ActionResult Register(RegisterModel model)
    if (ModelState.IsValid)
        // Attempt to register the user
        MembershipCreateStatus createStatus = MembershipService.CreateUser(model.UserName, model.Password, model.Email);

        if (createStatus == MembershipCreateStatus.Success)
            // FormsService.SignIn(model.UserName, false /* createPersistentCookie */);

            //used profiler  -- add profile information
            var profile = Profile.GetProfile(model.UserName);
            profile.FirstName = model.FirstName;
            profile.LastName = model.LastName;

            //email confirmation code
            return RedirectToAction("Confirmation");
            ModelState.AddModelError("", AccountValidation.ErrorCodeToString(createStatus));

    // If we got this far, something failed, redisplay form
    ViewData["PasswordLength"] = MembershipService.MinPasswordLength;
    return View(model);

//send confirmation code
public void SendConfirmationEmail(string userName)
    MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser(userName);
    string confirmationGuid = user.ProviderUserKey.ToString();
    string verifyUrl = HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.GetLeftPart(UriPartial.Authority) +
                     "/account/verify?ID=" + confirmationGuid;

    var message = new MailMessage("contacts@abc.com", user.Email)
        Subject = "Please confirm your email",
        Body = verifyUrl


    var client = new SmtpClient();

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You want to look into configuring an Area for your site.

From the link:

To accommodate large projects, ASP.NET MVC lets you partition Web applications into smaller units that are referred to as areas. Areas provide a way to separate a large MVC Web application into smaller functional groupings. An area is effectively an MVC structure inside an application. An application could contain several MVC structures (areas).

For example, a single large e-commerce application might be divided into areas that represent the storefront, product reviews, user account administration, and the purchasing system. Each area represents a separate function of the overall application.

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To add to Jasons comment, I encourage areas for this task as well. You'll need to build a set of controllers, views and possibly models to support your Admin area. Since you're using a membership provider you should decorate your controllers or your controller actions with Authorize filters to allow only admins access to the area. – Nick Bork Jan 18 '12 at 14:57

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