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I have issue about Symfony 2 Service Container. Can I import to my service, parameters from another service by injection via service config? For example:

In services.yml in my bundle I want to get AsseticBundle parameters from app/config/config.yml:

   arguments:  [@service_container, %assetic%]

AsseticBundle parameters, that I need to get in my service class construct:

  debug:          %kernel.debug%
  use_controller: false
  java: /usr/bin/java
      cssrewrite: ~

Maybe someone found solution and can help me with that?

Best Regards,

Alex B.

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will something like this work for you ?

arguments:  [@service_container, %assetic.debug%, %assetic.use_controller%, ...]
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Hi, Nuno. I tested it, but it works only for assetic.debug and assetic.use_controller, but for assetic.filters or twig.debug or swiftmailer.transport and other parameters it is not working. I will check, how DIC import parameters and write about it later. Thanks! – Alex Jan 19 '12 at 6:30
Maybe this document about semantic configuration in symfony2 can help you – Nuno Costa Jan 26 '12 at 8:27

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