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i am currently developing an App based on iOS 5 on Xcode 4.2. which now i have to convert it into a Universal app. In Xcode i didn't find Update Current Target to iPad but i came to know from stackoverflow that i need to Duplicate the Target and select option Transition to iPad. which i ended up doing. But now i have two targets and the new target has current device family set to iPad only and not iPhone/iPad. Does this means i have two different builds i.e 2 different apps and not one Universal App.

Should i just choose current device family to iPhone/iPad in build settings instead of duplicating the target or does the two target still implies one Universal App??

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You don't need to create a new target for making a universal app. Just delete the new target and then for your original target, go to the target/summary tab and in the Devices dropdown select universal instead of iPhone and it will do the transition for you.

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