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Is there a way I can hook on the couch-db change-stream and use this events to manipulate documents?

Here's the thing: following this issue couchdb - re-sort a result of reduced view

I'm trying another way of thought. All I can do is use documents as source for views.

I can't re-sort a view, I can't use entries in reduced views as documents in a new view. But maybe I can turn them into documents (using some new doc-type for this purpose) and create views on these documents?

But even if I do it using some code external to the couchdb, this code will have to update the newly-generated documents every time any of the origin documents updates, and since I can be notified on updates using the update stream - maybe I should be using that? Sounds like a hack, will work though, but still a hack.

But - this one is for experts - if there is such a way that the update-stream will cause document modification using any mechanism inside the couchdb - then I can keep all this logic in the couch, and have it provide its services without external help.

Help anybody?

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The only CouchDB's internal "hook" is on updating a document and works only on one document (not necessarily the same but there are a lot of restrictions). See _update.

But what you describe can be done from the outside (with node.js for example).

Please note that triggering the update of several documents on the change of a document is probably a bad idea from a performance (and concurrency) perspective.

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if I get it right, the _update works on the identified document, and cannot influence other documents. I'm looking for a way to update OTHER documents from within the db, saving the overhead of the transport between the couch and the node. –  Radagast the Brown Nov 8 '12 at 19:29

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