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I have some data in this mysql table, but it is not showing anything in the html table.
But I am almost sure that the code is not wrong.

(Obs: I am using the "Smarty PHP Template", just to not mix html with php)
Another observation, i did not paste the full code of (pesquisa.tpl).
Imagine that aluno=user and pesquisa=search

-> pesquisa_aluno.class.php


class PesquisaAluno {
    private $nome;
    private $sobrenome;
    private $rg;
    private $email;
    private $telefone;

    public function __construct($nome, $sobrenome, $rg, $email, $telefone) {
        $this->nome = $nome;
        $this->sobrenome = $sobrenome;
        $this->rg = $rg;
        $this->email = $email;
        $this->telefone = $telefone;

    public function getNome() {
        return $this->nome;

    public function getSobrenome() {
        return $this->sobrenome;

    public function getRg() {
        return $this->rg;

    public function getEmail() {
        return $this->email;

    public function getTelefone() {
        return $this->telefone;

-> pesquisa.php



$alunos = array();
foreach ($connection->query("SELECT * FROM alunos") as $row) {
    $aluno = new PesquisaAluno($row["nome"], $row["sobrenome"], $row["rg"], $row["email"], $row["telefone"]);
    $alunos[] = $aluno;

$smarty->assign('alunos', $alunos);


-> pesquisa.tpl

{foreach from=$alunos item=aluno}
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Can you insert a var_dump($alunos) before the smarty assign? – DerVO Jan 18 '12 at 13:44
Sorry, i didn't include the php file in my handler.php page... That was the mistake. – Ramon Saraiva Jan 18 '12 at 13:48
@RamonSaraiva - After your foreach loop try displaying the content of $alunos using print_r($alunos);, is it empty? – Cyclone Jan 18 '12 at 13:56
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In your class you should return $this->telefone;


public function getTelefone() {
    return $this->telefone;

Edit: did you change it? it said this previously:

public function getTelefone() {
    return $telefone;
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