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class A
  include Logging
  log_to 'whatever'

I want to test if the the method log_to gets called with the right parameter. But as you might have guessed, the log_to method comes from the Logging module and gets called when the class gets loaded. How do I write a spec or a custom matcher to check if log_to 'whatever' is getting called?

Even if I mock the log_to method on class A, there is no way in the spec to see if it will get called as it gets called during class load. I tried removing the constant and loading it again which does not seem to work. Thoughts?

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You should test the desired outcome, not the implementation details. I would test Logging module in isolation like this:

describe Logging do
  TEST_IO = StringIO.new

  # some stub class for testing
  class Person
    include Logging
    log_to TEST_IO

    def name

  after do

  it "logs a method call to the given io" do
    person = Person.new
    TEST_IO.string.should eq("")
    TEST_IO.string.should eq("name called\n")

  # ...

And I am not sure I would test the real class that uses this module at all since it is very simple and does contain any dangerous logic. Accidental mistakes like syntactic errors will be caught by an integration test.

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This should probably be in a separate spec file from the spec file that tests the bulk of class A's functionality:

describe 'A' do

  it 'should log when loaded' do
    class A ; end
    require 'a'


I would consider, though, changing the class's behavior to something easier to test. Tests which are unusual in their construction or which have tricky constraints are a code smell, too.

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I agree with you but to make a class log to a different file this way of doing it just makes sense. Doesn't it? If not, can you please suggest a different way? –  Chirantan Jan 20 '12 at 15:17
@Chirantin, Thinking on it, you're right--the implementation should stand. I'll try to invent a different way to test it--I'm not too happy with what I've suggested so far. –  Wayne Conrad Jan 20 '12 at 16:17

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