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I want to create a vector which runs from 1 to 260 with increments of 360 between every whole number.

I can do this manually by: y=linspace(1,2,360); y1=linspace(2,3,360);... and so on.

By combining these I would have a vector which was 260*360=93600 long. However, there must be a easier way of doing this? preferably without a loop.

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Maybe you can just do:

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And what about y=(1:1/360:260) ?

Or if you want to have exactly 360 elements between 1 and 2 (included) as it seems from your use of linspace(1,2,360) you could do y=(1:1/359:260).

Also, your final vector would have less than 360*260 elements as you have to account for duplicates.

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