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I have an iPad native application with webviews. How can I call a native function in the webview and pass some JSON data to it?

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Do you want to call Obj-C from JS or the other way around? –  Christian Schnorr Apr 18 '12 at 12:05

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You need to use window.External.notify like this following blog mentions


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This is a quite similar question to this one:

How to call Objective-C from Javascript?

The two more popular frameworks for doing this are JSBridge (pretty lightweight)


and to some extend PhoneGap as a much more complete solution

http://phonegap.com/ .

I used the first one for some project and I have been pretty happy with it - but maybe it requires some small adaptions because the SBJSON framework it relies on changed while JSBridge was not properly maintained in the meantime.

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