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Is there a way to get an array of the suggestions strings which are shown when you typing in EditText? The problem is I have an EditText and in case of user use "Show Suggestions" option the result of the string from this EditText is different in case of user pressed, lets say UI button (this is a Button from the layout), and a return button at the soft keyboard. In first case user gets an exact string but in second - it gets corrected (suggested) string even user do NOT select this suggestion. How to solve this problem? How to get from EditText "suggested" string? Do I need to implement my own IME?

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Here is an example: gyazo.com/74c1c69096c87dbc1533bf298b62904f If user tap on "Send" button - it will send "Tert" but is user tap "<-" (return) button on the soft keyboard - it will send "Tertiary" word, as Android suggests. What I need is to have same behavior by clicking "Send" UI button and by clicking Return soft keyboard button. Thus I need to know, if there is a way to get corrected (suggested) string from the EditText view in case of do NOT select suggested word and tap "Send" UI button. –  Yuriy Chernyshov Jan 18 '12 at 14:57

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Maybe this can help you ? Hello Auto Complete
Or if you want to write one on your own.. Writing your own autocompleteview

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Are you trying to disable suggestions or to modify them? If you want to disable them completely, check this out: How to disable displaying "suggestions" on the Soft Keyboard

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