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I have two fields that are of type int lap_time_1 and lap_time_2 . Is there a mysql query to select the records whose difference (absolute value) between lap 1 and lap 2 is greater than 30?

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This assumes lap_time_1 and lap_time_2 are two columns and the data is held on the same row.

FROM YourTable
WHERE ABS(lap_time_1 - lap_time_2) > 30
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+1 for being first. –  Jason McCreary Jan 18 '12 at 14:48
WHERE ABS(lap_time1 - lap_time2) > 30
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Pretty straight forward. I did the same to calculate the relative distance of a point of sale to a customer.

select * from <table> where abs(field1 - field2) > 30
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MySQL does have an absolute value (ABS) mathematical function. So you could do something like this:

FROM lap
WHERE ABS(lap_time_1 - lap_time_2) > 30;
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