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Facebook allows you to change the date associated with a photo by clicking on that photo and clicking Change Date. However the only dates associated with a photo that are exposed through FQL are the date created and the date modified.

Created = the date that the photo was uploaded.
Modified = the date that a photo was last modified

If I change the date associated with a photo so that it is placed in a different month, year position on my timeline I want to be able to retrieve this information through FQL. Facebook does not appear to have a Date tag as one of it's photo_tag fields. For example I would like this new date that I have added to be one of the subject fields of photo_tag.

Are we able to use the facebook graph api or fql to search for this date tag that we can now add to our photos?

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This is not exposed currently via the API. You should ask facebook to expand the API to include it. You can put in your request at

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