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I'm developing an Adobe Air app using JavaScript. I want to get HTML content of another website page, but I can't do it.

Requirement: cross-domain and no server.

Example: get HTML content of page "" using JavaScript, which runs locally, no server.

Thanks for your help.:)

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What? Just... What? –  Greg Jan 18 '12 at 14:52
What have you found out so far? –  Felix Kling Jan 18 '12 at 14:53

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I don't know anything about Adobe AIR, but a quick google search of "adobe air api" lead me to URLRequest.

It suggests that Adobe AIR is not restricted by the same security limitations as browsers when it comes to the same-domain policy.

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oh,It seems to be a good solution,thank you very much~! –  italkboy Jan 18 '12 at 15:06

No local server = no luck. You cannot make xmlhttp requests across domains from a browser. You need to do this from a server.

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eh,thanks.I will try to find a way,thanks for your help.:) –  italkboy Jan 18 '12 at 15:01

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