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I have been trying to read an xml attribute that has a " : " in it, but I'm having trouble...specifically "yweather:condition"

This is my code:

 if ($xml = simplexml_load_file("")) {
    $namespacesMeta = $xml->getNamespaces(true);
    $yweather = $xml->children($namespacesMeta['yweather']);
    $docMeta = $yweather->{'condition'};

i got here after reading off another thread on stackoverflow, but the result is not as I expected, I get the following:


You can check the above link to see the full xml,

I want to read the attributes in "yweather:condition" I know how to access and read the other parts of the XML, but this one is being tricky...I also tried getAttributes() and it did not work


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$docMetaAttributes = $docMeta->attributes(); 


$docMetaAttributes = $docMeta->attributes($namespacesMeta['yweather']);  

for namespaced attributes in the yweather namespace

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thanks, but I had already tried that, I'm getting the following error: Warning: var_dump() [function.var-dump]: Node no longer exists –  roy naufal Jan 18 '12 at 16:47

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