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I have been working on a web application on my localhost (xampp) where I have two subdomains set up. Lets call these domains abc.localhost and xyz.localhost.

I have both of these set up in my host file to have an entry of abc.localhost xyz.localhost

I also have them set up in my vhost file like normal pointing to different locations.

My application is set up to go through abc.localhost first which is where i set up some cookies

setcookie('AUTHORIZATION', time()+3600, 0, '/', '.localhost');
setcookie('SOMEOTHERCOOKIE','here is the val',0,'/','.localhost');

this then forwards the user to xyz.localhost. In order for the user to get access to xyz.localhost the authorization has to be set by abc.localhost and pass over a cookie.

I have tried to change the ".localhost" to be xyz.localhost and every other combination i can think of. Leaving off the . does not work either.

Please help me figure this out. Thank you!

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You can not set cookies for a top level domain (the last part of a domain). To achieve what you want change your HOST entries to abc.myproject.loc and xyz.myproject.loc or something alike.

Then you can set your cookies for myproject.loc.

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Shouldnt I be able to set the cookie for xyz.localhost though? –  bretterer Jan 18 '12 at 15:05
Yes you can, but then it will be accessible for abc.xyz.localhost etc. but not for abc.localhost. But localhost is a very special domain, so there might some more special handling for it implemented in your browser. –  Chronial Jan 18 '12 at 15:07

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