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I'm using accelerator to perform CTRL+C then CTRL+V using java/junit is there a way to get the value of CTRL+V to check it ?

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As mentioned here, a menu accelerator key stroke such as Ctrl+V should be constructed in a platform independent manner:

int mask = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getMenuShortcutKeyMask();
JMenuItem menuItem = new JMenuItem(…);
menuItem.setAccelerator(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_V, mask));

For comparison, you can get the menu item's KeyStroke via getAccelerator() or from any KeyEvent via KeyStroke.getKeyStrokeForEvent().

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If you mean how do I simulate the ctrl+V and ctrl+C events within a JUnit test for a Swing application, then I would recommend looking at FEST. Using FEST, you can simulate mouse clicks, or key presses. To simulate a ctrl+V, you would do:

// import static java.awt.event.KeyEvent.*;          

and so on. For more information on simulating user input, see the wiki Simulating Keyboard Input.

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