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I'm currently using a loop that repeats itself every few milliseconds in my program. In this loop, it checks for a certain input, and if received, cancels another timeout. Essentially:

if (inputreceived && secondTimerRunning)
   secondTimerRunning = false;

However, those lines cause my loop to terminate. From what I can tell, it's because I am trying to clear a Timeout that doesn't exist. Is there a way to prevent this, or am I using Timeouts wrong?

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isn't the syntax clearTimeout(timerID2)? – nobody Jan 18 '12 at 15:18
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The syntax for clearTimeout() is;


It is a function which accepts the ID returned by setTimeout(); i.e. you don't call it on the ID returned.

clearTimeout will not error if the value you pass to it is not a valid ID.

For more info, see the documentation for clearTimeout() on MDC.

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Thank you, I knew I was doing something stupid there... – CSturgess Jan 18 '12 at 15:19

Use clearTimeout(timerID2) instead, timeouts are represented by a number identifier and clearTimeout is a global function that can be called directly.

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