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My app is downloading image file from internet. To improve performance, I cache the bitmap in memory (both hard and soft cache). I do cache the image file in SD card as well.

Decoding image file from SD card takes noticeable time. I measured this line of code, it takes around 500 - 1800 milliseconds.

Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(pathName, bitmapOptions);

Some facts

  • Average actual image size is 600x600.
  • Requested bitmap size is between 200X200 to 400x400
  • Have used bitmapOptions.inSampleSize to scale the image

Can anyone suggest what is the better way to improve the performance of file decoding?


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You can cache the image in all formats you need and decode them.

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Any task that take time to be performed should to be placed in an AsyncTask. Besides, for image management, I could suggest you to read my previous post and the link in it: "Smart" image scaling down and variables deep description

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