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I'm trying to use JUnit and Mockito with content assist for static imports.

My Content Assist favorites lists: org.mockito.Mockito.*

When I use content assist for the mock() method, the method is availble, but the import is just get a regular non-static import. Why is this not working?

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Interested in knowing this too. Sometimes happens to me with Assert imports too (but not always). – AHungerArtist Jan 18 '12 at 15:30

Eclipse won't look for static imports unless you tell it to. From the Eclipse Java Content Assist Favorites Preferences help page:

To see the static import proposals, make sure Use static imports is enabled on the Content Assist preference page

Admittedly, on my machine it was enabled by default.

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I'm just getting started with Eclipse, but ran into this issue with the tutorial. I spend a couple of hours trying to figure out what was wrong, when I invoked the content assist with ctrl+O, rather than using hover. The static members were then displayed correctly.

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