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How can I compare integer type null values Where portion of Linq query in .Net Entity framework 4.1?

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You can only compare an int to NULL if the int is nullable. If not, the default value for int will be 0 and never null.

You define a nullable int property like this:

int? value { get; set; }

And check it like this:

if ( value != null )
   int x = value.Value;

In the where clause of a Linq query it would be

var result = from d in data
             where d.Value != null
             select d
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If you are comparing to a null value, you must first compare your value to null due to a bug.

var field = from field in table
            where (value == null ? field.property == null : field.property == value)
            select field;
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Where can I find more information about this bug? –  Eric Jan 17 '14 at 11:10
@Eric data.uservoice.com/forums/… –  PaRiMaL RaJ Jan 31 at 2:26

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