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I am doing a project which can auto generated a barcode through my iphone application. I happened to find this https://github.com/netshade/Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes which i think would be a great help to me.

However, nothing happened when i use it. These are the steps i have done:

1) Open my own iphone application and import all the .h and .m files. 2) After which, i type this into my barcode.m (this is the xib showing the auto generated barcode)

#import "UIImage-NKDBarcode.h"
#import "NKDCode39Barcode.h"
-(void)showBarcode {
NKDBarcode * nkdbarcode = [[NKDCode39Barcode alloc] initWithContent:@"1234567890123"];
UIImage * image = [UIImage imageFromBarcode:nkdbarcode];
// assume barcodeIV is an outlet to an imageview
[barcodeIV setImage:image];

But it did not work. Did i miss anything or did something wrong? Sincerely hope that anyone can help me out :)


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I used the same library with out any issues. Steps what i have done is

1.dowload https://github.com/netshade/Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes
2.add the complete file named "netshade-Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes-d0aabd0" to the project folder.
3.Import like #import "BarcodeManager.h" in your viewControllers .h file
4.Add the following code where yo want to generate bar code with an input given


UIImage *barcodeImg=[BarcodeManager
   generateBarcodeImageWithContent:@"123" type:Code39 size:CGSizeMake(0,

i hope this will help you dude..:)

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I don't see a BarcodeManager.h in the project. Where did you get that? –  Danny Aug 29 '13 at 21:44

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