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If I have two tables in SQL with a many-many relationship, do I need to create an additional table?

I need some help on how to set this model up as data tables.

So, in my app I have "Items" and they have meta data like category, description, tags etc.

Say the item is a CD.

Now, any user can choose to Relate any two Items and an Item can have an infinite number of relations.

As well, each relation has a rating (say from 1 - 100) and a description.

How would i set this up in a database?

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You have 2 different "entities" or ideas (as well as their metadata):

  1. Item
  2. Item relationship

Each item relationship has 2 items (FK relationships to items) and a rating.

The items (and their other metadata) I assume you understand, since you didn't focus on it.

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Thanks, i get it now –  nathajamal Jan 18 '12 at 22:57

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