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After running the Leaks Instruments on an app that I am developing, I see a lot of leaks relating to GLKShaderBlockNode. Some are GLKShaderBlockNode, some are Malloc < varying sizes >, and some and __NSCFString.

I've searched for this online and at Apple's dev resources, but could find nothing about GLKShaderBlockNode.

Responsible Library : GLKit

Responsible Frame : -[GLKShaderBlockNode copyWithZone:]

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In my project, the method "prepareToDraw" also cause the same leak. I think it's because I'm using OpenGL ES 1.1, I call this method only for OpenGL ES 2.0. After I delete the prepareToDraw calling, my project works well without the leak.

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Yeah, I ended up getting rid of GLKBaseEffect and poof, all the memory leaks were gone. I had to write my own vertex and fragment shaders though. – timrwood Feb 3 '12 at 16:24
How did you create this substitution ? – Pierre Feb 28 '12 at 17:21

Same leak here. And poor GLKit performance too.

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