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Is there some reason applying a theme to an activity would affect the code function? I was under the impression that styles/themes merely affected appearance...

I have a listfragment (filled from a database) with a button at the bottom, upon the press of that button a new activity is launched to allow you to edit or add to the list/database.

Intent i = new Intent(getActivity(), Activity2.class);
startActivityForResult(i, ACTIVITY_EDIT);

This second activity works as it should and upon exiting back to the listfragment, said list is updated and the new item appears in the list.

Here's where I start having an issue...

Since the second activity is only a TextView, EditText and two buttons, I thought I would use the dialog theme to keep it from taking up the entire tablet screen unnecessarily. From the manifest file:

<activity android:name="Activity2" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Dialog" />

This does achieve the result I was looking for as far as appearance of the activity goes, but upon exiting activity #2, the list in the listfragment is not regenerated/redisplayed. The additon to the DB is being done, as I can see when I re-start the app the item I added previously finally appears.

The above addition to the manifest is the ONLY change made.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to stop it?

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Or you could add code in onResume() to refresh it. When it calls the dialog, it calls onPause() and then calls onResume() when the dialog is exited.

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This solved the issue, thanks very much! However, I still don't understand why applying the dialog theme to the activity caused a change in the behavior of going from one of the activities to the other. May just be one of those things I'll have to wonder about. :) –  Barak Jan 19 '12 at 7:44

Your first activity isn't stopped and restarted when you launch a dialog, but it is when you launch a full screen activity. Try calling notifyDataSetChanged on the list adapter after the dialog activity finishes.

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