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I am creating a simple application using Core Data (UIManagedDocument) along with a UITableView. Currently in the TableViewController I am checking if the database exists and either creating or opening as necessary using:

UIDocument saveToURL:forSaveOperation:completionHandler:


UIDocument openWithCompletionHandler:

The problem I am having is that my UITableView datasource methods are getting called before the completion handler (which sets up the fetchedResultsController) returns. As a consequence when UITableView calls:

UITableView tableView:numberOfRowsInSection:

fetchedResultsController (where it gets the row count) is still null.

My understanding is that you have to have the document created/open to setup the fetchedResultsController as it needs a valid managedObjectContext. This is my first foray into Core Data so any help / information would be much appreciated.


EDIT: I have looked at this a bit more, and although I have not figured it out yet I think its just a case of moving things around and verifying that things happen in a more correct order.

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Your table delegate method could do this:

 numberOfRowsInSection {
      if ( myFetchedResultsController ) { return <WhateverYouNormallyDoHere>; }
      return 0;

and then in your completion handler, just refresh the table

 [myTableView reloadData];
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Much appreciated Ray, thats a very good sugestion. –  fuzzygoat Jan 18 '12 at 18:45

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