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I'm running Websphere 6.1 on RHEL Linux. Trying to find out how to configure the APNS Entrust CA using the Websphere admin console key management commands. We are also using a proxy server outboud to connect to the Apple push notification servers. Thanks for any and all pointers/help on how to make ths work.

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It looks like you both have to use a client SSL certificate and trust the server SSL certificate, correct?

In WebSphere 6.1, both are managed under:

Security > SSL Certificate and Key Management > Key stores and certificates

with the client certificate further under:

xxxDefaultKeyStore > Personal certificates

and the server certificate under:

xxxDefaultTrustStore > Signer certificates

For the client certificate, use the Import or Receive buttons. For the server, the easiest approach is the Retrieve from port button.

I confess that I haven't used client-side certificates under WAS before, so you might have additional configuration there, I expect under the Security > SSL Certificate and Key Management > Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configurations page to explicitly specify use of your newly-imported client-side certificate when communicating with the APNS server(s).

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