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I'd like to be able to retrieve the base URL of my web app from within the Rack initialization code in my Something along the lines of:

puts "Starting up on http://#{ENV['SERVER_NAME']}:#{ENV['SERVER_PORT']}/#{ENV['MOUNT_POINT']}..."

but I haven't found anything like this that's available from outside of a request handler. Obviously, I can do something like:

def get
  puts "Got a request for #{ENV['rack.url_scheme']}://#{ENV['HTTP_HOST']}#{ENV['REQUEST_PATH']}"

because the request is defined at that point. But at the start of my config file, none of those variables appear to be defined.

Is there a Rack method I can use to access this information? Is this one of those cases where those things aren't finalized until Rack startup is finished? I seem to remember other frameworks having a way to pass a proc to a method that will execute it once the environment is "ready". Does Rack have anything like that?

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What are you trying to set in the that needs this information? – nictrix Mar 11 '12 at 5:33
I'm not trying to set anything, I just think it's nice for the log to show where the service is -- it's especially useful when a new dev tries testing for the first time. – Coderer May 17 '12 at 8:30
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I don't believe it's possible for a Rack application can know ahead of time the "mount point". For example, this mounts the same app at multiple mount points:

require 'rack'

app = proc { |env|
  [200, {'Content-Type' => 'text/plain'}, ['hello, world!']]

run'/myapp' => app,
                     '/' => app)

Rack also does not provide any standard method that is called at initialization time. I suspect this is because Rack tries to support plain CGI, where a whole Ruby process may be created to handle each request, with the process exiting at each request. In that situation, there isn't much use for an "init" method.

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It's about a year later but I was just struggling with the same problem and found your thread.

Every Rack application provides a call-method that gets called by the Rack handler. For example see the code of Sinatra::Base#call. This call method gets called once per request and has one parameter which is a hash that contains environment variables. Within these there is everything you need and the "mount_point" you were asking for is called "SCRIPT_NAME".

See for details. Unfortunately this information is only available to you during a request and not before as far as I know. Hope it helps others.

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