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I'm trying to use the code seen here. When I try to execute this line

FieldInfo cachesInfo = cache.GetType().GetField("_caches", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);

cachesInfo ends up being null. I added a foreach loop to look at the object and my results show no field called "_caches".


I'm using the code as is in the link. What is it that I'm missing?

(Warning: I am woefully ignorant on this subject but have been tasked with figuring it out. I know cachesInfo is null, I know I'm not seeing "_caches", but I don't know why).

Thanks greatly for your help.

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It looks like this is a difference in .Net versions. See here. The field "_caches" exists in .Net 3.5. I changed my code to look more like the .Net 2.0 example (using "_entries") and it works.

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