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I am trying to pass values from a radio box in a popup window to a form that has fields named according to their ID pulled from a MySQL database.

The form:

echo "<form id='form' name='pick_thumbnails' action='' method='post'>";

$result = mysql_query("SELECT thumb, set_id FROM sets WHERE id = '".$id."'", $conn); 
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
    $get_set_id = "".$row{'set_id'}.""; 
    $get_thumb = "".$row{'thumb'}."";

    echo "<input type='text' name='txt_thumb[".$get_set_id."]' id='set_".$get_set_id."_thumb' size='10' maxlength='10' value='".$get_thumb."'>";
    echo "<a href='#' onClick=window.open('popup_forms/select_thumbnails.php?thumb=".$get_set_id."&id=".$get_set_id."');><img src='thumbnails.png' width='16' height='16' title='Select set ".$get_set_id." Thumbnail'></a>";                         


The popup window which helps the user fill in the field by picking a thumbnail if the field is blank from the MySQL table: (the line of code that's giving me trouble)

opener.document.pick_thumbnails.$thumb.value = document.pick_icon$c$d.pick_icon_file$c$d.value; self.close();

the trouble I'm having is that I need to name the field txt_thumb[".$get_set_id."] so that it will post as an array and I can work with the data after post. But this breaks the popup window because when I select something on the popup window it does nothing. If I name the field something like txt_thumb_$get_set_id, the popup window works, when i click on something it passes data back to the form but it obviously breaks my ability to post the fields as an array.

I thought maybe my solution could be to get the popup window to post back to the form fields ID instead of the fields name. But I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that.

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Figured it out. In the form I changed the text field and the button for the popup window to: <input type='text' name='txt_thumb[$get_set_id]' id='g_$get_set_id' size='10' maxlength='10' value='".$get_set_g_thumb."'> <a href='#' onClick=window.open('popup_forms/select_thumbnails.php?name=txt_thumb&set=".$get‌​_set_id."');> And I changed the opener code in the popup form to: opener.document.getElementById('g_$set').value = document.pick_icon$c$d.pick_icon_file$c$d.value; self.close(); All works now. –  Bill Masters Jan 18 '12 at 20:36
Sorry, you'll have to see the solution all scrunched up in a comment because I don't have "privilege" to answer my own questions. –  Bill Masters Jan 18 '12 at 20:38

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