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I'm developing a WebWorks application for the Blackberry Playbook. This page in their documentation says

You can display a specific type of virtual keyboard, depending on the type of input that is required. In addition to the default keyboard, you can choose from a selection of keyboards, such as a keyboard designed for typing in an email or a keyboard designed for typing in a browser.


However, I can't find any documentation on how to actually DO that. I have some fields for entering an email address, so I'd like to give the user an email focused keyboard.

This is a WebWorks app, not Flash. Any ideas?

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Those special keyboard layouts are determined the type attribute of HTML5 <input> tags. Here are some of the "special" types defined in the HTML5 specification:

  • tel
  • url
  • email
  • number

When selected, the respective keyboard layout will appear for you.

Blackberry has also their own document where they list all possible <input> types available under WebWorks.

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what about alpha numeric? currently it only shows alpha and i have to switch to numeric, which is a pain for postal codes and airline confirmation numbers –  sonjz Feb 7 '13 at 22:32

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