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Or even more specific - profitable AGPL projects

I'm considering a startup and it is interesting how can it benefit from being AGPL. Any real world example could bring some light.

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Canonical's Launchpad software is going to be released under the AGPLv3:


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Gitorious (a Git hosting solution similar to Github) is AGPL and owned by a company(Shortcut AS), so I imagine they must be somewhat profitable.

Funambol develops AGPL software for mobile push email and seems to be doing pretty well, with customers like Vodafone, Earthlink, AOL...

Other companies and projects using AGPL can be found here.

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The popular PDF libraries iText (Java) and iTextSharp (.NET) has recently switched to the AGPL license, and the author, Bruno Lowagie, has started selling commercial licenses.

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I know http://status.net/ is AGPL. They are a microblogging service. I'm not sure if they are profitable or not, though.

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