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I got a string like this one:

var tweet ="@fadil good:))RT @finnyajja: what a nice day RT @fadielfirsta: how are you? @finnyajja yay";

what kind of code should work to extract any words with @ character and also removing any special char at the end of the words? so it would an array like this :

(@fadil, @finnyajja, @fadielfirsta, @finnyajja);

i have tried the following code :

var users = $.grep(tweet.split(" "), function(a){return /^@/.test(a)});

it returns this:

(@fadil, @finnyajja:, @fadielfirsta:, @finnyajja)

there's still colon ':' character at the end of some words. What should I do? any solution guys? Thanks

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Here is code that is more straightforward than trying to use split:

var tweet_text ="@fadil good:))RT @finnyajja: what a nice day RT @fadielfirsta: how are you? @finnyajja yay";

var result = tweet_text.match(/@\w+/g);
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wow. It perfectly works! thank you :-). this regex stuff is tough for me. but you just make it looks really simple. –  under5hell Jan 18 '12 at 20:03
one more question if you don't mind. what regex should I use to match any word begin with 'http://' in a string. As you guess, I tried to find any URL in a string. Thank you :-) –  under5hell Jan 18 '12 at 20:10
google.com/search?q=regex+to+match+url :) –  BNL Jan 18 '12 at 20:29

The easiest way without changing your current code too much would be to just remove all colons prior to calling split:

var users = $.grep(tweet_text.replace(":","").split(" "), function(a){return /^@/.test(a)});

You could also write a regex to do all the work for you using match. Something like this:

var regex = /@[a-z0-9]+/gi;
var matches = tweet.match(regex);

This assumes that you only want letters and numbers, if certain other characters are allowed, this regex will need to be modified.


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it works. thank you so much :-) –  under5hell Jan 18 '12 at 20:05

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