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What is the best way of achieving cross field validation in play? If field a is null then field b must be > 10, etc ?

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How about creating a transient pseudo property and a customized validation rule upon that fields?

public class Foo extends Model {
  public String a;
  public int b;
  @CheckWith(CCheck .class)
  transient boolean c;
  public boolean getC() {
    return a != null || b > 10;

  static class CCheck extends Check {
    public boolean isSatisfied(Object myObject, Object val) {
      return Boolean.valueOf(val);


If this doesn't work then probably you will need to create an embedded class with a and 'b' and create a customized check over the field with that class.

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I would do this directly in my Controller action:

public static void action(@Required int a, @Required int b)
    if (a == null)
        validation.isTrue(b > 10).message("b must be greater than 10");
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