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I have a line_items table with following columns:


variant_id is nullable.

Here is the condition:

  • If variant_id is NULL then product_id should be unique.
  • If variant_id has a value then combination of product_id and variant_id should be unique.

Is that possible in PostgreSQL?

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Create a UNIQUE multicolumn INDEX on (product_id, variant_id):

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX line_items_prod_id_var_id_idx
ON line_items (product_id, variant_id);

However, this would allow multiple entries of (1, NULL) for (product_id, variant_id) because NULL values are not considered identical.
To make up for that, additionally create a partial UNIQUE INDEX on product_id:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX line_items_prod_id_var_null_idx
ON line_items (product_id)
WHERE variant_id IS NULL;

This way you can enter (1,2), (1,3) and (1, NULL), but neither of them a second time. Also speeds up queries with conditions on one or both column.

This answer on dba.SE I recently wrote is very similar and almost directly applicable to your problem.

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