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I'm updating my text box with text using a timer. Each time timer ticks I'm being redirected to the beginning to the text typed in my multiline text box.

How to do this?

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I'd say that when you refresh, you could move the selection cursor to the end, then scroll the textbox 'til it's visible using ScrollToCaret.

That'll be something like

 yourtextbox.SelectionStart = yourtextbox.Text.Length
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Ah! I was missing the first line of your code in my code. Thanks. –  HelpNeeder Jan 18 '12 at 20:50

Try using the TextBox.Select method:

textBox.Select(textBox.Text.Length, 0);

That will set the cursor to just past the last character in the text box.

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This works much better. It's better than Kotch's solution because there is no need constantly updating the position of cursor.

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