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I have a href link that is performing AJAX call and show the result in highslide popup.

<a href='/cgi_appsrv/designreq/newrequest.php?ajaxtask=show_popup_form' onclick=\"return hs.htmlExpand(this, {headingText: 'Select Design Location (division)', objectType: 'ajax'});\">Select</a>

Simplified version of PHP that returns AJAX response:

switch ($ajaxtask) {
    case 'show_popup_form':
    echo "111";

So, if I press on the link I will get a HighSlide popup with "111" inside.

Now I change PHP to this:

switch ($ajaxtask) {
    case 'show_popup_form':
    echo "222";

Now I do NOT refresh the page and press on the link => I get HighSlide popup with same content as last time: "111"

If I would use a simple AJAX call without HighSlide I would get the updated response - "222".

My question: how can I get the updated response from the server using HighSlide through AJAX call and without refreshing the page?


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Add this to config:

hs.cacheAjax = false;
hs.forceAjaxReload = true;
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