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I am not good at computer programming and have a problem in understanding a Fortran statement. I would like to convert the following statement in Fortran into PHP. Really appreciate your help!

PARAMETER (a=10  ,b=6)

1) What does CHARACTER*5 WE(a) mean in Fortran?
2) How can I write it in PHP?


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Fortran to PHP!? Uhmm, you sure you got that correct? –  ldigas Jan 19 '12 at 0:18
yes, I have a Fortran code and wanna convert it to PHP. Those two statements are written in Fortran. –  BlueSky Jan 19 '12 at 1:13

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Your first line of Fortran code PARAMETER (a=10 ,b=6) can be written in PHP as:

define('a', 10);
define('b', 5);

Those are called constants, a special type of variable that will not change during execution of the program.

Your second line of Fortran code CHARACTER*5 WE(a) isn't portable to a PHP program (and it isn't needed, as well), because PHP will dynamically allocate memory for your arrays, and so you can't have an array with pre-determined size.

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CHARACTER*5 WE(a) declares an array of a elements, each element being a character variable of length 5.

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