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I'm trying to install Products.ATSuccessStory in a fresh Plone 4.1.3 instance on OS X Lion using Python 2.6.7. Buildout runs fine but when I try to get my instance started I get the following error:

zope.configuration.config.ConfigurationExecutionError: : (, u'cmf.ManagePortal') in: File "/Users/keith/Documents/plone-sites/caches/4.1.3/Products.ATSuccessStory-4.0.0-py2.6.egg/Products/ATSuccessStory/browser/configure.zcml", line 8.5-17.11


I'm not as in tune with zope's inner working, but as far as I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with this portlet block in the configuration. Any guidance on how I should fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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Judging from the date of its last release, the product has likely not been updated for Plone 4.1, which requires a few very minor tweaks. These are documented at

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This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot – keiththomps Jan 18 '12 at 22:58

ATSuccessStory 4.1.1 has just been released that includes the fix to this issue.

The source egg for this version is available on pypi but not yet (eventually will be) on

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