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I came across this code written in TCL:

set GSID(featureSetDesc)       @$GSID(descPath)/featDesc

But I can't seem to find what the "@" symbol stands for in TCL.. any help would be appreciated!

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Accept the answer if you'r happy with it. :) –  Almo Jan 18 '12 at 22:43

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The commercial at symbol (@) doesn't mean anything special at all to Tcl. It's a normal non-letter non-whitespace character. (It does mean things to Tk in certain places such as when specifying a classic X11 bitmap that comes from a file for things like cursors or icons, but that's a pretty esoteric use these days.)

Well, there's one exception and that's channel redirections in exec. But that's not what you've got this case.

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OK got it, I thought it was part of the syntax, but now it seems just some trick the previous guy was playing. Thanks! –  menphix Jan 18 '12 at 22:41

Assume the value of the variable GSID(descPath) equals "/home/me"

Then the value of GSID(featureSetDesc) will equal "@/home/me/featDesc"

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