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I want to code a constructor for an array of size x with x being a parameter speciified in main().
My class:

public class CharA
  private char[] stack;
  private int n = 0;

  public void CharA (int max)
    this.stack = new char[max];
    this.n = max;

My main():

public class CharTest
  public static void main (String args)
    CharA stack1 = new CharA(100);

The error:

CharTest.java:5: cannot find symbol
symbol  : constructor CharA(int)
location: class CharA
    CharA stack1 = new CharA(100);

There are several examples here where the same thing is done with an int array. Why doesn't it work for this char array?

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remove void in your "constructor":

public CharA (int max) {
  // ...
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Oh god, I feel supremely dumb right now. Thanks. – Marv Jan 18 '12 at 22:51
@Marv: It happens to the best :) – Lukas Eder Jan 18 '12 at 22:54

Replace public void CharA (int max) with public CharA (int max), because constructors don't have a return type.

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The constructor method should not have a return type in its definition:

public CharA(int max) {...}
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