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Is Date.getDay() culture sensitive?

What I mean is if getDay() is called on a Monday date, will it return 1 in US culture browser and 0 in French culture browser?


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If it makes you feel better, the ISO rules for calculating the week of the year use Monday for the first day of the week, Sunday the last. –  kennebec Jan 19 '12 at 1:49

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No, it will always return 0 for Sunday, etc.

From the ECMAScript 5 spec:

A weekday value of 0 specifies Sunday; 1 specifies Monday; 2 specifies Tuesday; 3 specifies Wednesday; 4 specifies Thursday; 5 specifies Friday; and 6 specifies Saturday.

There is no mention anywhere of locale-specific behaviour, and it would be an awful idea. Can you imagine the chaos?!

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It will always return 1 for Monday.

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