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I've created a matrix of values from a simulation that is stored in 20x7 matrix (20 observations across 7 columns of numbers; the matrix is called output). The columns are output from a simulation.

After running the simulation, I included column names:

colnames(output) <- c('level', 'value1','value2','value3',

And the matrix looks nice and clean. when observing:


Is there a way to plot these columns from the matrix? I've tried the code below (and other variants), but it will not work.

 plot(level$output, value1$output)


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to plot multiple columns, try matplot(output$level, output[,-1], t="l", lty=1). Or, library(ggplot2) ; qplot(level, value, colour=variable, geom="line", data=melt(output, id="level")) –  baptiste Jan 19 '12 at 3:54

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To index the matrix you use output[,'level'], i.e. "any row, the 'level' column".


For your interest, you could also make a data frame from your matrix and plot like so:

df <- data.frame(output)
plot(value1 ~ level,df)

Not worth doing if all you are doing with output is plotting, but if you are doing other sorts of analysis on output in R, a dataframe can be handy (and then you can refer to columns like output$level, output$value1 whereas with a matrix you have to do output[,'level']).

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