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I'm doing a site with a page that shows boxes (all the same size) with some content (video + text) that expends on a click() event. The page is using masonry to reorganize the boxes once one opens or closes. This page is heavily based on this post, where fudgey provided this demo.

It almost works 100% fine in my case but i have an animation bug when the box expands. It seems that the box does expand, retracts itself a bit and expands for good. All of this in a matter of seconds. The page is running with worpdress to load the posts and also uses scrollTo to scroll the window to the right position after a box's expand and vimeo' api to have an external control of the videos in the boxes.

I've set up a jsfiddle to replicate the behavior. I noticed that if i comment this line: $('#grid').masonry(); in the animate of the $('.box').click(function(){ it does work fine, but kills the reorganisation animate of course.

I'm pretty sure the solution is very close but i can't seem to nail it.

A live demo of the site can be seen here.

Thanks in advance.

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Found the solution, it was not a javacript problem in the end but a css bug! Came from the .wrap div that was not tall enough to show the content. I've updated the jsFiddle.

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