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I have a rotating image as a banner on my webpage, which goes through a directory and returns a random image from the './public/images/banner' directory. This line of code worked while I was running my application on Passenger but broke when trying to switch over to FastCGI.

Here's the line in my app/views/layouts/application.html.erb that is causing the issue:

<img id="header-picture" src=<%= "/images/banner/" + Dir["./public/images/banner/*.png"].map { |file| File.basename(file) }.shuffle.first %>>

I get the error:

ActionView::Template::Error (can't convert nil into String)

If I change it to something like:

<img id="header-picture" src="/images/banner/example.png">

The website runs correctly.

I think that I'm not going through the directory properly or maybe I'm not mapping the array properly. I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot it further.

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When you do Dir["./public...."] it's looking for that path relative to the current ruby script being run. Your current server setup might be running out of a different working directory. It's safest to always force it to search relative to your app's root. So change Dir["./public/images/banner/*.png"].map to something like this instead:



Dir[File.join(Rails.root, "public", "images", "banner", "*.png")].map
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Thanks,definitely solved the issue. I was on that path, but didn't quite get there. I really appreciate the answer. –  avian_armada Jan 19 '12 at 3:26

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